California Reimagined

Mapping a Potential Future

Here's a map I made for the Calexit comic book series by Black Mask Studios.

And here is a screen grab of that map on CNN!

Mapping Adjunct Pay

At Colleges and Universities Across the U.S.

This is my first pass at a map exploring the relationships between adjunct instructor pay (taken from the most recent data submitted to the Chronicle of Higher Education’s The Adjunct Project) and state minimum wage data. Click here for a more detailed exploration of my methodology and the limitations of this project.

Sad Logistics

Meditations on Failure

Over the summer I was trying to write a paper about logistical failure and I found myself wrestling with a pretty bad case of writer's block. At the same time, I was lamenting the fact that I hadn't really drawn or made anything in years. In response to both issues, I decided to spend a little time each morning drawing, just to focus my mind and allow ideas to come to the surface. The end result was a few ink drawings of supply chain failures. These are still works in progress (and the paper is on haitus), but I'm going to post them anyway, as they really helped kickstart my writing this summer, and that makes me happy.

The Afterlives of HOLC Redlining in Brooklyn

A Project in QGIS

I recently took night courses at Pratt in order to (finally) learn to use digital mapping tools. For my Introduction to QGIS course, I began a project that examines the historical afterlives of the HOLC redline maps of the late 1930s. In order to do that project, which would look at the relationship between contemporary policing data and the historic red-lined communities, I needed to map those districts onto a contemporary streetgrid. On the right below is my first attempt at this, next to the original.

Urban Geography Syllabus

Fall 2016

I've started to incorporate maps I've made into my classes, and this semester I made a quick map for students to use to exlore the syllabus. The map worked for me, too. As I designed the class I kept returning to the map to make sure that the cities and themes the class focused on were geographically and economically diverse.